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TOEIC® Test Preparation Program

The purpose of the TOEIC® class is to help students pass the TOEIC® test.

TOEIC® Preparation (18 hours per week)

The TOEIC® preparation program has a unique 10-day system that covers all 7 parts of the TOEIC® listening and reading, with time dedicated each week to focus on more specific, complex skills. You will have a practice TOEIC® test every two weeks to get an idea of your TOEIC® score. You can get a high TOEIC® score to help you find a good job in your country.

The purpose of the TOEIC® class is to help students pass the TOEIC® test. In addition, the class helps students be more successful in an actual business environment by building up their business vocabulary and comprehension of the business environment.

The class is most useful for students:

who need a TOEIC® score to get a job in their country

who wish to work in business in an English-speaking country

who wish to learn business-related vocabulary

The class uses TOEIC® questions in listening, grammar, vocabulary, and reading. The students participate in simulated test situations and review each test question by question.

The class uses the most up-to-date textbook that focuses on the new speaking and writing sections of the test. Students practice for these parts in at least two sessions each week. Pronunciation, intonation, grammar, sentence structure and other skills are emphasized to help the student succeed on these parts of the test.

The class uses a textbook that contains vocabulary that most commonly appears on the TOEIC® test. Up to an hour, a day is spent on learning new words, understanding and practicing them in context, and reviewing word forms. In addition, words are often pulled from the practice tests for review. Through these two approaches, students are introduced to vocabulary from both American and British English.

Authentic business articles from newspapers and magazines are used to give students real-life in-context examples of how business vocabulary is used. Students read and discuss the articles in class in order to practice comprehension skills in business-related environments.