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Conversation Program

Pronunciation, accent reduction, idiom usage, and conversational skills

Conversation Program (18 hours per week)

The Conversation Program is designed to improve your pronunciation, accent reduction, idiom usage, and conversational skills necessary for real-world situations in English. In addition, telephone skills, sharing opinions, and debating effectively are practiced. The Conversation Program is broken down into two levels:

Intermediate Conversation Program

The focus is on improving everyday, practical communication skills and practicing American English pronunciation in order to speak with confidence, clarity and effectiveness.

The focus is on using idioms correctly in everyday conversations. The students will practice idioms in a variety of different contexts and use idioms confidently in conversations and discussions.

The focus is on immersing the students in different “real life” situations in which they must communicate effectively. In this class the students will act in a variety of contexts in order to learn how to deal with real situations in English-speaking world. Students will do dialogues, improvisations, and acting in order to improve communication skills.

Advanced Conversation Program

The focus is on improving pronunciation and intonation in debates, presentations, speeches, and advanced discussions. The goal is to speak with confidence, clarity, and native-like pronunciation.

Students will focus on special projects including different types of presentations and speeches. In addition, they will practice advanced conversation strategies in a variety of formal and informal situations, including negotiating, expressing concerns, and persuading.

The focus is on developing and sharpening students’ skills in formal and informal debates and discussions related to real-life issues in the United States. Students will practice forming arguments and counter-arguments as well as expressing one’s point of view on a variety of relevant issues.