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Business English

Business Communications, Business Theory and Meetings, and Business Practice

Business English (18 hours per week)

The Business English Program is offered at the intermediate and advanced levels and consists of three classes: Business Communications, Business Theory and Meetings, and Business Practice. This course will expose students to the language and culture of the business world, particularly in North America.

Intermediate Business Program

Telephone skills

Writing skills

Writing skills

This class focuses on telephone skills, writing skills (letters, faxes, and emails), socializing skills, and cultural considerations in the U.S. business world. Students will actively participate in phone conversations, role-play realistic business scenarios, and become familiar with the customs and etiquettes of the U.S. business landscape. Students will be instructed in the correct forms for all types of business communications, including official letters, faxes, voicemails, emails and computer English.

Meeting skills

Vocabulary skills

Negotiating skills

Interpersonal skills

Managerial skills

This class is designed with instruction focusing on English skills for the world of business and economics. Students will lead and participate in weekly meetings, practice negotiating skills, considerably expand their general knowledge of American business culture, and increase their self-confidence when writing and speaking in different business situations and environments. Topics include career management, product descriptions, corporate entertaining, public relations, managerial skills, technical terms and abbreviations, business metaphors and fixed expressions in the context of price and money.

Presentation skills

Interviewing skills

Organizational skills

This class allows students of Business English to use graphs, charts, PowerPoint and overhead projector formats to make presentations, present business plans, and describe company structures, in groups and individually. Students will be required to make presentations where they display effective communication and organizational skills.