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ESL 1-7

L.A. and O.C. Campus Central English Program

ESL Levels 1 – 7 Program (18 hours per week)

English as a Second Language (ESL) is our most popular Intensive English Program. It combines 3 classes:

Listening & Speaking

Focuses on the conversation, pronunciation, and listening skills needed to become fluent in spoken English. Students progress from basic conversation skills in the lower levels to meaningful use of newly acquired language functions and vocabulary in the higher levels.

Reading & Vocabulary

Focuses on essential reading skills, like scanning, skimming, and comprehension. Vocabulary use is also stressed in the reading passages and in verbal communication. Students progress from basic reading and vocabulary skills to more academic and complex skills at the higher levels.

Grammar & Writing

Focuses on grammar for spoken English at the beginning and intermediate levels and academic writing in the upper intermediate and advanced levels. Students start with basic survival skills at lower levels and progressively build on familiar grammatical structures by formulating more sophisticated sentences at higher levels to facilitate communication beyond the practical level.

Classes are taught by three different teachers, so you can experience different accents and teaching styles. There are 7 levels with a duration of 3 months (12 weeks) per level. You will be placed at the most suitable level for you after taking our Placement Test and an oral assessment on orientation day. With our special College Agreements and Mutual Recognition Program (MRP), after you complete levels 5, 6 or 7, you will be able to attend certain colleges and universities without a TOEFL® score.

Below are the level objectives for our students:

LEVEL Objectives
At Language Systems International we set high standards for developing students’ English skills in different areas of their personal and professional life.

The Level 1 ESL course is designed to introduce and develop fundamental English skills. The focus of this course is on the basic language and functions required to effectively communicate in the English-speaking world.

The level 2 course continues to introduce and expand on the fundamentals of English. Students are taught to build on basic skills through communicative exercises and extension activities. The material provided is intended to encourage students to express practical ideas beyond survival English.

The level 3 course emphasizes the expansion and development of basic conversational functions, essential grammatical structures, and simple reading skills, including a broader range of vocabulary items.

The level 4 course focuses on the combination of basic language skills acquired at the lower levels with more sophisticated language functions, structures, and comprehension skills. The goal is to facilitate the transition from practical language skills to more involved structures including broader cultural topics, complex grammar, and academically oriented vocabulary.

The level 5 course focuses on enhancing open-ended communication skills, accurately using complex grammatical structures, and dealing with a greater variety of reading passages. The main goal is the expansion and development of the students’ authentic language capabilities.

The level 6 course focuses on expanding a variety of presentation skills, developing formal written and oral communication, and enhancing analytical and critical thinking skills. The main goal is to refine the skills that students have already acquired in the lower levels and expand on more sophisticated skills needed for high-level social and academic interaction.

The level 7 course focuses on refining fluency and critical thinking skills. The main goal is to further develop and enhance the learners’ authentic language capabilities through a variety of high-level, student-centered activities incorporating advanced conversation, academic essay writing, and analytical reading skills.