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Language Systems’ MRP – A Gateway to Higher Education

Facilitating Academic Aspirations

Language Systems’ College Connections marks a transformative journey for those seeking to learn a new language and culture, often serving as the initial step toward higher education in the United States. In recognition of the challenges faced by international students, Language Systems has established Mutual Recognition Programs (MRP) with esteemed colleges and universities in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. These agreements not only streamline the transition from language programs to higher education but also underscore the institution’s recognition and credibility.

Under the MRP agreement, Language Systems’ students benefit from unique privileges when pursuing higher education. A significant advantage includes the exemption from the TOEFL® test, a common requirement for international students. This waiver simplifies the application process, enabling students to seamlessly transition into college or university programs.

Here are some of the institutions with which Language Systems has MRP agreements:

For Level 5 Completion:

•              El Camino College

•              Los Angeles Harbor College

•              Los Angeles Southwest College

•              Los Angeles Trade-Tech College

•              Mt. Sierra College

•               Mt. San Antonio College

For Level 6 Completion:

•              Cerritos College

•              Devry University

•              East Los Angeles College

•              Fremont College

•              Glendale Community College

•              Golden West College

•              Irvine Valley College

•              Long Beach City College

•              Los Angeles City College (LACC)

•              Orange Coast College

•              Pasadena City College

•              Pierce College

•              Rio Hondo College

•              Santa Monica College

•              Santiago Canyon College

•              University of the West (Bridge Program)

•              Westcliff University

•              West Los Angeles College

•              Pacific College

•   Glendale Community College

For Level 7 Completion:

•              Cypress College

•              Fullerton College

•              University of the West

•              New York Film Academy

Language Systems’ College Connections through Mutual Recognition Programs significantly ease the path for international students aspiring to pursue higher education in the United States. The waived TOEFL® requirement, Conditional Letters of Acceptance, and simplified transfer processes underscore the institution’s commitment to providing a seamless and cost-effective transition for students with academic ambitions beyond language studies. This amazing agreement not only showcases the recognition of Language Systems within the academic community but also opens doors for students to a diverse array of reputable colleges and universities.

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