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Language Systems International has partnered with a popular English school in Japan

In an effort to expand opportunities for its international student population, Language Systems International College of English has strategically partnered with the Japan-based company Kids Up, an English language school specializing in educating children through creative and fun teaching methods.

In March 2017, Language Systems’ Admissions and Academic representatives met with Kids Up representatives in Torrance and Tokyo. In these meetings, both schools arranged an agreement in which Language Systems would prepare Japanese-speaking students to teach English to children in Japan after finishing their English studies in California.

When Kids Up first approached Language Systems with its partnership proposal, Michelle Buell, the Academic Director, saw it as a perfect fit.  “Over the years, Language Systems has trained so many amazing and valuable teachers for our own schools in California. Now, we can take it to the next level by preparing our international students to go back to their native country to teach English. It’s a very exciting time!” said Ms. Buell.

Kids Up offer two paths to teaching at its centers in Japan.  First, future teachers in Japan can do an initial screening to see if they have the potential to teach at Kids Up. If they pass through this screening successfully, they will then travel to Language Systems in California where they can meet with Language Systems’ professionals and develop a plan on gaining the required English level to teach at Kids Up. Second, current international students at Language Systems can meet with Kids Up representatives in California for an initial screening and an assessment of their English language skills. Then, a plan can be developed for the student to teach English upon their return to Japan.

Kids Up are currently arranging informational sessions to recruit Language Systems’ students to teach in Japan. The first session was on April 18 at the South Bay location. The next session was at the Downtown LA location on May 22nd.  Kids Up will continue to hold these sessions throughout the year, giving students the opportunity to get more information and to apply as a teacher.

Kids Up are looking for students who are energetic and love to work with children. The applicant must be bilingual in English and Japanese as they will be required to converse with the parents of children they teach.  Teachers at Kids Up must be fluent in English with very good pronunciation. Once a future teacher is hired, Kids Up provides its own specialized training in its teaching methodology, including hands-on training at one of its many centers.

For more information about Kids Up, please visit or attend an upcoming informational session at one of Language Systems’ campuses.  “We hope that our students will take advantage of this amazing opportunity,” said Yuiko Hashimoto, Admissions Advisor at Language Systems.

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