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We are back, beach!

Sun, Sand, and Smiles: See How the Beach Party at Language Systems International Went.

On August 17th, something really happy happened. Language Systems International brought back their annual beach party after a long time without it because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This time, the party was at Huntington Beach, and students from all three campuses joined in for a fun day.

Each campus had a team with a different mascot: Orange County Campus had a Bear, DTLA Campus had a Puma, and South Bay Campus had a Shark.

The highlight of the day was definitely the exciting volleyball tournament. It was like a big competition of skills. The sand saw the teams playing with lots of energy, hoping to win. In the end, the Orange County team won (Congratulation, Bears! You guys got it!). They worked hard and stayed together, which made them champions.

But that’s not all! The excitement continued with games in the water and a game of tug-of-war. People felt strong and full of energy during the tug-of-war game.

What’s even more amazing is how the day changed. The morning started cloudy, but the happy feeling from Language Systems International was so strong that it made the sun come out. It was like the school’s happiness made the sun shine.

So, everyone, when you look at the pictures from this special day, please share them with your friends. Show them the happiness and the feeling of togetherness 🙂

Volleyball Tournament:

And many more photos. OMG! So fun to see and remember:

Language Systems International wants to say a big thank you to the students, teachers, and staff who made this day so great <3

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