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Estimated Expenses

Below is a list of fees that indicates what you should expect to pay during the application process.

Affordable Tuition

At Language Systems, we continuously strive to offer the best quality education at an affordable tuition, so that you can have the opportunity to complete your English studies with confidence and satisfaction.

Students applying from abroad need to make the following initial payments in order to obtain a student document (I-20) and an acceptance letter from Language Systems International.

Non-refundable Processing Fee: $150
SEVIS Fee (paid directly to SEVP): $200
Non-refundable Handling & Shipping: $100
Tuition Deposit*: $100

* Students having their visa denied are able to receive a Tuition Deposit refund from Language Systems. For more information, send us a message.
Note: If you are a SACM student, please contact us to verify the initial fees.

Group rates available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Important: Tuition is subject to change at any time without notice and may vary by location. Please contact us in order to confirm the tuition rate.

Cost for private classes is set hourly


Depending on the language program and the length of the course, the tuition will vary. Below is a list of programs and tuition prices according to the length of studies:

36 hours/week: Option 1 (Combination Morning + Afternoon Programs)
22 hours/week: Option 2 (ESL Program + CMAR class)
18 hours/week: ESL Levels 1-7, Conversation, Business, TOEFL, TOEIC & GMAT/GRE
15.5 hours/week: Vacation English