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What Students Are Saying

“…For me, LSI is a very positive place where you can get a lot of energy and motivation not only from teachers, but also from students! Every day I hear a lot of new stories of students’ lives. I didn’t expect that I will learn a lot about different cultures! And now I realize that every country and culture is unique! So LSI’s experience will help you to develop your skills in understanding cultures, which will be helpful for whole your life!…”
Yana, Kazakhstan
“…You really feel like it is your second home and family. LSI is a very great school to learn English in. The teachers are very helpful and generous, and they make learning English super fun and easy. I strongly suggest that other students not miss this great opportunity if they want to learn English in the USA!…”
Mansour, Saudi Arabia
“There are many after-school activities at Language Systems which are great, new experiences for newcomers to Los Angeles. LA itself is a great city to learn English in. The accents of local people are standard and they don’t speak fast. Ethnic diversity is also one of the benefits. Language Systems is great. Teachers are all kind and very responsive to questions. You can learn reading, listening, speaking and writing according to your level. My English improved a lot since I came to Language Systems and I realized English is not as difficult as I had imagined.”
Juhyun, Korea
“The reason I chose Language Systems is because the tuition is low. So, of course, I thought the classes would not be good and all teachers would be boring. But, I was wrong. Actually all teachers are skillful and friendly. They always make us laugh and make us willing to learn English. When I can’t understand the English, they use gestures or draw pictures for us. Therefore, every class is clear and so much fun. Language Systems has so many other activities, extra classes and some parties, etc. You can learn many things by coming here. “
Ai, Japan
“I’m happy to come to Language Systems because I met many friends who are from other countries. I couldn’t speak English in the beginning, but I can communicate with non- Japanese speakers in English now. You should come to LSI. It’s so much fun in Language Systems! Your English will improve.”
Daisuke, Japan
“My English has improved a lot in each class, and I think grammar class is the most interesting. That was my first time thinking in English. At first, I couldn’t understand what the teacher said, but I became better and better. The teachers were nice, so I really enjoyed studying at Language Systems.”
Airi, Japan
“Before I got to LA, I couldn’t believe that studying English could be easy and fast. But I changed my mind when I took the ESL morning program at Language Systems. After that my language skills improved a lot. We studied writing, speaking and grammar every day with really good teachers. We always talked about interesting topics, usually about current issues in the USA. This school taught me not just English, but how to live in America as well.”
Mat, Poland
“Ever since I came to Language Systems, my English has improved a lot in the ESL Program. I learned a lot from my teachers; my Reading, Speaking and Grammar classes helped me to speak English properly. In addition to my development in the ESL program, the conversation class highly contributed to my growth. Also, the dance classes and outside-the-classroom activities, such as making a movie, beach parties, and sightseeing, contributed to my English development, and also helped me gain many new friends from different countries. I will never forget my 6 months in Los Angeles at Language Systems.”
Kubra, Turkey
“The iBT class has been a big help to me! It has helped me improve my English writing, reading, and speaking. It has also helped me understand language in general and it has been very practical and easy to study in this course. This class helps me with my goal to write at a college level. This will help me on my way to university.”
Oscar, Mexico