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Language Systems, together with Sweet Home California, a local company, offers students a variety of services based on their needs. These support services include:

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When you first arrive in the U.S., you may open a U.S. bank account. Most Americans use personal checks, credit cards and debit cards to pay for purchases. Many students who come from overseas have a cash card which allows them to withdraw cash in the U.S. However, you cannot make any payments with this card. For example, when you pay your rent or cell phone bill, you will probably have to pay by check.

Sweet Home California will put you in contact with a specialist who will help you open a bank account.

Sweet Home California works together with a cell phone service provider to offer you plans with unlimited calls, texts, international calls and internet at a special rate.
Sweet Home California works together with a transportation company to meet students at the airport upon their arrival and take them to either their homestay or dormitory location. The SHCA staff will also provide students with a brief orientation session upon their arrival so that students become familiar with basic contacts and emergency information. If students need particular assistance in anything, SHCA staff will be happy to help.
If students need to get to the airport and are traveling as a group, they can also book an airport shuttle service at SHCA. This is a good way of saving on travel expenses.
If students would like to travel overseas for a short period of time, like during their vacation, SHCA can help students find cheap tickets and buy them through the school. SHCA will help with both international and domestic flights.
Language Systems does not provide international students with health coverage, but recommends students get international coverage through their insurance in their home country.